ALCTS - Association of Library Collections & Technical Services

MARBI (Machine-Readable Bibliographic Information), ALCTS/LITA/RUSA

Committee on Cataloging: Description and Access

Joint meeting with CC:DA

June 26-28, 1999, New Orleans, LA

Monday, June 28, 1999, 2:00-4:00 p.m.
Hotel Intercontinental, Pontalba Room

  1. Seriality: Regina Reynolds (2:00, 1 hr.)

  2. Background statement:
    The key topics in Jean Hirons' JSC report, Revising AACR2 to Accommodate Seriality, on which cataloging and format interests converge are: 1) changes in the cataloging code and format needed to accommodate new media and 2) changes in the cataloging code and format needed to better accommodate seriality, regardless of whether the serial is in a traditional or a new medium. These were also the themes of the original Hirons/Graham Toronto conference paper.

    Since both CC:DA and MARBI will each have discussed proposals by Jean Hirons separately, this joint meeting will provide an opportunity to discuss those areas where CC:DA's and MARBI's concerns and preferences might diverge, and to examine how any divergences might best be resolved.

    Issues to be discussed:
    1. AACR type of publication model.
      • How can finite and continuing resources and their subtypes (monographs, serials, loose-leafs, databases, web sites, etc.) best be defined and handled in the cataloging code and in MARC 21?
      • Since the code and the format serve different purposes, does the treatment of these types and subtypes have to be the same in each?
      • How can what is proposed in the seriality paper be translated into MARC 21 in a way that best serves catalog users' needs?

    2. Changes in the code and MARC 21 to better accommodate seriality for traditional as well as new publications.
      • How can the goal of recording both the earliest title and publisher as well as the most current title and publisher be best achieved?
      • How will recording both earliest and most current information affect OPAC searching and displays?

  3. Metadata update: Mary Larsgaard (3:00, 1 hr.)

  4. Issues to be discussed:
    1. To what extent can metadata needs for web resources be met by MARC 21 as it currently exists? what fields would need to be added
      • To make MARC 21 optimally useful as a set of fields to be used for records describing web resources?
      • This is of special interest because the final charge for the CC:DA TF on Metadata is to recommend what content needs to be added to AACR in order to make it useful for cataloging web resources. We haven't come up with ANY recommendations on that yet - it's the top task for the remaining 12 months of TF existence. Realizing that MARC 21 is not tied to any one set of rules, it would still be useful to hear what thoughts MARBI members have on this topic.

    2. Metadata beyond what appears in the cataloging record -- what specifically is this?
      • What comes to mind for digital geospatial data is: header; data dictionary; ...
      • What about other types of digital files?

    3. What would be most useful MARC21-oriented presentations for a preconference on metadata for web resources, to be held July of 2000 at ALA Annual?