ALCTS - Association of Library Collections & Technical Services

Committee on Cataloging: Description and Access

ALA Representative to the Joint Steering Committee

27 June 1998

  1. JSC Activities Related to the International Conference on the Principles and Future Development of AACR

    1. Seriality: JSC has, as CC:DA knows, asked CONSER to pursue formalizing the Conference’s seriality recommendations as rule revision proposals to be submitted to the JSC for consideration through CC:DA. Jean Hirons, working with others in the U.S. and international serials communities, including the ALCTS/CCS/Committee to Study Serials Cataloging, is leading this effort. In addition to her report to CC:DA today, Jean will be meeting with the JSC after this Conference to brief us on her progress.

    2. Principles: The JSC has commissioned Tom Delsey to complete the entity-relationship modeling exercise he began for the Toronto Conference in order to identify the principles currently embodied in AACR2. Tom has completed his work on modeling Part 1 of the code. He will be meeting with the JSC after this conference to brief us on his work before moving on to model Part 2 of the code. In parallel to this effort, the JSC has devised a list of what we think the principles are that are embodied in the code. We plan to compare our list of principles with those identified as a consequence of Tom’s analysis at our meeting in November.

    3. Content vs. Carrier: The “advancement” of this discussion has, as CC:DA knows, been tasked to us, an effort that is now in-hand under Martha Yee’s leadership, who’ll be reporting later. It is clear to me, prior even to the JSC’s reviewing it with him, that Tom Delsey’s entity-relationship analysis is directly relevant to the work of Martha’s Rule 0.24 Task Force. I’ll have a better sense at the end of next week just how relevant (i.e., once I’m sure I’ve correctly understood the analysis’s implications). I’ll make every effort to facilitate CC:DA’s getting access to the recommendations contained in that report following next week’s JSC meeting.

  2. AACR2e

    1. JSC has completed its first review of AACR2e and has forwarded input to ALA Editions. We have just-literally: I received mine on June 23-received a revised version for second review. We have agreed to have our second review completed by July 10.

    2. In April, Ralph Manning forwarded to ALA (as noted in 4JSC/Chair/60) corrections to the code identified by John Duke during his work to prepare the SGML file. I have, subsequently, forwarded to Ralph Martha’s comments on John’s comments. Ralph will forward these too to ALA for incorporation into AACR2e as appropriate.

  3. JSC Documents Requiring CC:DA Action

    1. 4JSC/ALA/25/ALA follow-up/LC response
      --> Definitions for “Computer disk” and “Computer optical disc” (Appendix D and Index)
      <Action taken at ALA Annual 98>

    2. 4JSC/Rule Revision/1/Consolidated/1
      4JSC/Rule Revision/1/Consolidated/1/CCC rep response
      4JSC/Rule Revision/1/Consolidated/1/LC response
      4JSC/Rule Revision/1/Consolidated/1/ LC response/CCC rep response
      --> Rule revisions (first package)
      <Action taken at ALA Annual 98>

  4. ALA Documents to be Submitted to JSC prior to November Meeting

    1. Electronic resources GMD proposal.

    2. Proposals arising from the work of the Task Force on Conference Proceedings.

  5. ALA Documents to be Submitted to JSC prior to November Meeting

    Ralph Manning has informed the JSC that his tenure as both Chair and Member will conclude following the November JSC meeting in England. Ralph has been an extremely able Chair who has guided the Committee through an extremely busy and productive period; I ask CC:DA to join me in thanking him for a job well done. The JSC will select a new Chair at its November meeting.

Submitted by Brian E.C. Schottlaender
ALA Representative to the Joint Steering Committee
27 June 1998