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Committee on Cataloging: Description and Access

ALA Representative to the Joint Steering Committee

30 June 1997

  1. International Conference Update

    1. Conference and JSC meeting schedule has been set, as follows:

      1. Conference: October 23-25, 1997
      2. BREAK: October 26, 1997
      3. JSC Meeting: October 27-28, 1997

    2. To date, draft papers have been received, and reviewed, by the JSC from:

      1. Michael Gorman/Pat Oddy (“Principles of AACR2”)
      2. Tom Delsey (“Bibliographic Universe”)
      3. Rahmat Fattahy (“AACR2 and Catalogue Production Technology”)
      4. Martha Yee (“What is a Work?”)
      5. Jean Hirons/Crystal Graham (“Issues Related to Seriality”)
      6. Ronald Hagler (“Main Entry and Corporate Entry”)

    3. Besides the speakers, there are now ca. 40 other confirmed participants/attendees.

    4. Reminder: Website for Conference is located at: []
      [Editorial note (7/2003): This Website has changed considerably since this report; much of the information about the conference has been removed; click on the button “International Conference, Toronto, 1997”]

  2. AACR2e

    Not much to report on this front, except:

    1. ALA Publishing is completing review (alpha review?; beta review?) of AACR2e by the select group of catalogers in the Chicago area.

    2. JSC has been told to expect to receive the file and the FolioViews software after the 1997 ALA Annual Conference.

    3. ALA Publishing has finalized its license agreement in preparation for distribution of the file to customers, including third-party developers.

  3. Second Revision Packet

    The Committee of Principals has decided to reissue AACR2r with the revisions incorporated. Hence, the urgency of 3JSC/Rule Revision/2/Consolidated/3 [and now .....Consolidated/4].

  4. Documents Needing Discussion Today

    1. 3JSC/LC/25
      3JSC/LC/25/CCC response
      --> Omission of titles from the title proper (12.1B1)
    2. 3JSC/LC/26
      3JSC/LC/26/CCC response
      --> Omission of names, dates, and numbers from the title proper (12.1B7)
    3. 3JSC/LC/27
      3JSC/LC/27/BL response
      3JSC/LC/27/CCC response
      --> Words and phrases in the title proper (12.1B3)
    4. 3JSC/LC/28
      3JSC/LC/28/BL response
      3JSC/LC/28/CCC response
      --> Relationships with other serials (12.7B7)
    5. 3JSC/LC/29
      3JSC/LC/29/BL response
      3JSC/LC/29/CCC response
      --> Initial articles (22.11D, 24.5A, 25.2C, 26.1A, appendix X)
    6. 3JSC/LC/30
      3JSC/LC/30/CCC response
      --> Prescribed punctuation for the series area (1.6A1)
    7. 3JSC/LC/31
      3JSC/LC/31/CCC response
      --> Scope of the series area (1.6A3)
    8. 3JSC/LC/32
      3JSC/LC/32/CCC response
      --> Numbering grammatically integrated with series title (1.6B1)
    9. 3JSC/LC/33
      3JSC/LC/33/CCC response
      --> Parallel titles of series (1.6C1)
    10. 3JSC/LC/34
      3JSC/LC/34/CCC response
      --> General information about series numbering (1.6G1)
    11. 3JSC/LC/35
      3JSC/LC/35/CCC response
      --> Both numeric and chronological designations for series (1.6G3)
    12. 3JSC/LC/36
      3JSC/LC/36/CCC response
      --> General information about subseries (1.6H1)
    13. 3JSC/LC/37
      3JSC/LC/37/CCC response
      --> More than one series statement (1.6J1)
    14. 3JSC/LC/38
      3JSC/LC/38/CCC response
      --> Prescribed sources for series area for printed music (5.0B2)
    15. 3JSC/LC/39
      3JSC/LC/39/CCC response
      --> Prescribed sources for series area for serials (12.0B1)
    16. 3JSC/LC/40
      3JSC/LC/40/CCC response
      --> Prescribed punctuation for the title and statement of responsibility area (12.1A1)
    17. 3JSC/LC/41
      3JSC/LC/41/CCC response
      --> Numeric and chronological designation in a serial (12.3C4)
    18. 3JSC/LC/42
      3JSC/LC/42/CCC response
      --> Definition of “numbering” (Appendix D)
    19. 3JSC/LC/43
      3JSC/LC/43/CCC response
      --> Definition of “series” (Appendix D)
    20. 3JSC/LC/44
      3JSC/LC/44/CCC response
      --> Parallel titles (1.1D1)
    21. 3JSC/Rule Revision/2/Consolidated/4
      --> Rule revisions (second package)

    Submitted by Brian E.C. Schottlaender
    ALA Representative to the Joint Steering Committee
    30 June 1997