ALCTS - Association of Library Collections & Technical Services

Committee on Cataloging: Description and Access

ALA Representative to the Joint Steering Committee

17 February 1997

  1. Pending Documents [cf. CC:DA/M/520-541]

    1. p. 22: Work in connection with music uniform titles: Phil Schreur has provided me with a clean document incorporating all the various revisions to 3JSC/ALA/11. I plan to now forward it to JSC.

    2. p. 23: Laurel Jizba has forwarded proposed Glossary definitions to CC:DA (CC:DA/Glossary/1). CC:DA has approved them, with “friendly amendments.” As soon as Laurel reissues them with the amendments, I shall forward them to JSC.

    3. pp. 24-25: CC:DA comment on 3JSC/LC/25-28 has been deferred until Annual in San Francisco. I shall take no JSC action until then.

    4. p. 25: CC:DA approved 3JSC/LC/29, although, subsequently, it was learned that a couple of initial articles were missing from the list it included. I, therefore, forwarded a response to JSC noting ALA’s endorsement of the proposal, with the addition of the missing articles. Since then, however, additional omissions have been identified and OCLC has prepared a revised proposal on CC:DA’s behalf (CC:DA/Patton/1). As soon as Glen Patton has had an opportunity to finalize the proposal, I shall forward it to JSC as 3JSC/LC/29/ALA response/2.

  2. New Documents

    Prior to February 3 1997, I received very little in the way of JSC documents. Between February 3 and February 11, when I left for this conference, I have received a veritable explosion of paper. Rather than carry it here, so you could carry it home with you, I decided to let Joan get settled into Yale and send a packet out to you immediately after the conference. What I will be sending you falls into two categories:

    1. Informational Documents

      1. 3JSC/M/208-229: minutes of June 1996 JSC Meeting in Wash. D.C.
      2. 3JSC/Mailing List/13: latest JSC mailing list.
      3. 3JSC/Chair/50/rev./1: status report on planning for international conference.
      4. 3JSC/Chair/51: information re: IFLA Study on the Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records
      5. 3JSC/Chair/52: info. re: international conference announcements

    2. Documents Requiring CC:DA Comment

      1. 3JSC Rule Revision/2/Consolidated/3: compilation of rule revisions agreed to but not yet published.
      2. 3JSC/Rule Revision/2/Consolidated/3/CCC rep response: CCC response to (1)
      3. 3JSC/Rule Revision/2/Consolidated/3/LC response: LC response to (1)
      4. 15 LC proposals arising from the work of the CPSO/PCC Task Group on LC-Issued Descriptive Cataloging Documentation, including:
        1. 3JSC/LC/30 in re: rule 1.6A1
        2. 3JSC/LC/31 in re: rule 1.6A3
        3. 3JSC/LC/32 in re: rule 1.6B1
        4. 3JSC/LC/33 in re: rule 1.6C1
        5. 3JSC/LC/34 in re: rule 1.6G1
        6. 3JSC/LC/35 in re: rule 1.6G3
        7. 3JSC/LC/36 in re: rule 1.6H1
        8. 3JSC/LC/37 in re: rule 1.6J1
        9. 3JSC/LC/38 in re: rule 5.0B2
        10. 3JSC/LC/39 in re: rule 12.0B1
        11. 3JSC/LC/40 in re: rule 12.1A1
        12. 3JSC/LC/41 in re: rule 12.3C4
        13. 3JSC/LC/42 in re: Appendix D
        14. 3JSC/LC/43 in re: Appendix D
        15. 3JSC/LC/44 in re: rule 1.1D1

  3. International Conference Update

    1. Topics for presentation have been identified, and "scoped" out:

      1. Principles of AACR2 (Michael Gorman/Pat Oddy)
      2. Bibliographic universe (Tom Delsey)
      3. AACR2 and catalogue production technology (Rahmat Fattahy)
      4. The work (Martha Yee)
      5. Bibliographic relationships (Sherry Velucci)
      6. Issues related to seriality (Jean Hirons/Crystal Graham)
      7. Main entry and corporate entry (Ronald Hagler)
      8. Content versus carrier (Lynn Howarth)
      9. Beyond MARC (Mick Ridley)

    2. Presenters have been identified, contacted, and have accepted.

    3. Presenters have submitted presentation outlines, which JSC has reviewed.

    4. 40+ additional participants identified and invited.

    5. Website created, where conference documents, including attendance list and solicited papers will be mounted. []
      [Editorial note (7/2003): This Website has changed considerably since this report; much of the information about the conference has been removed; click on the button “International Conference, Toronto, 1997”]

  4. AACR2e

    Synchronicity of electronic and paper versions of AACR2 are of great concern to, and a high priority for, the JSC. This issue requires further discussion between JSC and ALA Editions. JSC has not recommended that ALA reissue AACR2r with the revisions incorporated, but, rather, that they issue the second set of rule revisions as a separate publication. The matter is still under discussion.

Submitted by Brian E.C. Schottlaender
ALA Representative to the Joint Steering Committee
17 February 1997