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CC:DA/JSC Rep/BECS/2001/1

January 13, 2001

Committee on Cataloging: Description and Access

ALA Representative to the Joint Steering Committee
ALA/ALCTS/CCS Executive Committee

13 and 14 January 2001

  1. LSC London Meeting [CC:DA/JSC rep./BECS/2000/10]

    The London meeting was, again, very productive. The JSC approved for inclusion in the next revision package revisions relating to:

    • “Work” in music uniform titles [3JSC/ALA/11, etc.]
    • AACR2 & ISBD (ER) Harmonization [4JSC/ALA/27/ALA follow-up/4/LC response/LC follow-up and 4JSC/ALA/33, etc.], except for Areas 3 & 5.
      • BECS to forward the CC:DA analysis being prepared by Laurel Jizba’s Task Force to JSC for their information after ALA/MW 2001.
      • Marg Stewart to prepare another clean Chapter 9, to be reviewed by national libraries before inclusion in next review package.
    • rule 21.1B2 regarding the collective activity of a conference [4JSC/ALA/28, etc.]
    • titles of nobility or terms of honour [4JSC/BL/1/Rev/2, etc.]
    • names of persons, See references [4JSC/BL/5, etc.]
    • terms of address of married women [4JSC/BL/6, etc.]
    • publishers statement … [4JSC/LA/1, etc.]
      • LA to do follow up work in re: additional rules and examples that will need revising (as noted in LC response).
    • initial articles [4JSC/LC/29, etc.]

  2. Other Rule Revision Proposals Discussed in London

    • “Rule of Three” [4JSC/ACOC/1]
      • JSC decided to pursue option 2
        --> ACOC to continue work accordingly. 4JSC/ACOC/1/ACOC follow-up received during holidays.
      See below.

    • Entry under corporate body (21.1B1) [4JSC/ALA/29]
      • Withdrawn by ALA.

    • Cartographic materials [4JSC/ALA/31, etc.]
      • Thoroughly reviewed, substantially approved (except for Area 3), ALA to reissue in 4JSC/ALA/31/ALA follow-up/2)
        --> Larsgaard will discuss these proposals in CC:DA/MAGERT/2001/1.

    • Non-Roman Access Points [4JSC/ALA/32, etc.]
      • Deferred, pending input from constituencies other than LC (the only constituency to have responded by the London meetings).

    • Appendix of Major/Minor Changes [4JSC/ALA/34]
      • Reviewed. ALA to reissue as 4JSC/ALA/34/Rev with focus on major changes only
        --> Lindlan will discuss the latest version of the proposed Appendix in CC:DA/TF/Appendix on Major/Minor Changes/3/Rev./2.

    • Members of royal houses … (22.5F1) [4JSC/BL/2, etc.]
      • Withdrawn by BL & incorporated into 4JSC/BL/1/Rev/2.

    • Titles of nobility [4JSC/BL/3, etc.]
      • BL to follow-up to 4JSC/BL/3/Rev/2 incorporating ACOC & CCC comments in re: 1.1F7 & correcting “Baroness Orczy” example at Rule 2.1F1 (as per ALA response).
      See below.

    • Additions to names [4JSC/BL/4, etc.]
      • Withdrawn by BL.

    • Seriality/Chapter 12 [4JSC/Chair/68/Chair follow-up/2, etc.]
      • Thoroughly reviewed, substantially approved, LC to issue clean copy of Chapter 12 (and has — John Attig’s Task Force now reviewing).

    • Abbreviations [4JSC/LC/47, etc.]
      • 4JSC/LC/47/LC follow-up approved, but LC to resubmit formatted as B.5A, B.5B, & B.5C & JSC to approve via email.
      See below.

  3. Active JSC Documents

    • Titles of nobility [4JSC/BL/3, etc.]
      • 4JSC/BL/3/Rev/2 retains British terms of honour in 1.1F7(d) as terms that will continue to be transcribed as per the ACOC & CCC comments. LC proposed replacing the new example “by Anne Finch, Countess of Winchilsea” proposed by ALA because LC could not locate it in “real life.” ALA — Adam Schiff, actually — did indeed locate it several times in the OCLC database, although lacking the word “by.” ALA, therefore, suggested retaining the Finch example, minus the word “by,” which LC accepted. 4JSC/BL/3/Rev/2 should now be complete.

    • AACR/(ER) Harmonization [4JSC/ALA/27/ALA follow-up/4/LC response/CCC rep response]
      • This document was reviewed, as planned, by the national libraries prior to the Chapter 9, etc. proposals being included in the next revision package. ALA was not intended to review the document, but our intrepid souls Adam and John did so, and found a few problems not caught by the national libraries. I have forwarded their comments to Ann Huthwaite, who has suggested that when the package is issued for what would ordinarily (now) national library review, we go ahead and submit an ALA document summarizing Adam’s and John’s comments.

    • Abbreviations [4JSC/LC/47/LC follow-up/2]
      • This document has now been issued by LC and approved by the JSC electronically. ALA too approved it, except that we prefer the phrase “according to” to the word “following” at the end of both B.5A1 and B.5B1. I shall respond to the JSC accordingly.

    • “Rule of Three” [4JSC/ACOC/1/ACOC follow-up]
      • This document was just received and is quite substantial (almost 40 pages long). I suggest that a CC:DA Task Force be formed to review and prepare a response to it, by March 1 if possible, and as soon thereafter if not.

  4. Other JSC Actions Taken in London

    • JSC Chair to provide the Committee of Principals and the Publishers with an explanation of what the ISBD “alpha prototype” is, how it came about, why we need constituent input, and how that input will affect our Program of Work.

    • Agreed that both JSC and AACR Web sites are needed and that the JSC Chair will provide the Committee of Principals with an explanation of the intended purpose of the AACR Web site and why it needs to be made public.

    • Terms of Reference that BECS drafted for the International Working Group on Format Variations are to be revised per JSC discussion and names forwarded to the JSC Chair of potential Working Group members. All of this has been done and appointment of the Working Group is imminent.

    • Reviewed draft “Principles” document prepared by B. Tillett. Tillett to revise per JSC discussion.

    • Agreed that constituent communities should be alert to potential ISBD “disharmonies” when they're preparing proposals for AACR revision.

  5. New JSC Documents CC:DA Needs to Consider

    • Series authority records in AACR2 [4JSC/LC/50]

Submitted by Brian E.C. Schottlaender
ALA Representative to the Joint Steering Committee