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CC:DA/JSC Rep/BECS/2000/10

November 28, 2000

Committee on Cataloging: Description and Access

ALA Representative to the Joint Steering Committee

Report on JSC Meeting, 13-15 September 2000

The Joint Steering Committee for the Revision of AACR, chaired by Ann Huthwaite, met in London, England, 13-15 September 2000. The meeting was, as always, a very productive one. Since the meeting’s official minutes won’t be forthcoming for a while yet, the following is intended as a summary of the meeting’s high points until the official record is available — and to indicate where ALA action is necessary.

NOTE: memo is keyed to JSC meeting agenda.

  1. Agenda [4JSC/A/12/Rev]
    Approved, with LA response documents added at 3, 4, 15, 17, and 18 and a new document added at 28 (4JSC/LC/48).

  2. Minutes [4JSC/M/327-368]
    Approved, with corrections on pp. 9 & 53.

  3. “Work” in music uniform titles [3JSC/ALA/11, etc.]
    “Leonard Bernstein” example at Rule 25.35C2 (p. 10 of minutes of March 2000) corrected (“Story” to “story” & “lyric” to “lyrics”)
    --> otherwise okay & will be included in next revision package.

  4. AACR2 & ISBD (ER) Harmonization [4JSC/ALA/27/ALA follow-up/4/LC response/LC follow-up]

    • 9.0A1: CCC suggested addition not approved.
    • 9.0B1: CCC suggested addition approved.
    • 9.0B2: label will need to be changed if Area 3 is retained.
    • 9.2B1: reference to 9.2B7 changed to 9.2B8 & rule 9.2B7 renumbered to 9.2B8.
    • 9.2B2: current text retained.
    • 9.2B3: ...ALA/27/ALA follow-up/4 text retained.
    • 9.2B4: leave as is (typo corrected in “clean” Chapter 9).
    • 9.2B5: ALA change okay.
    • 9.2B9 renumbered to 9.2B8.
    • Areas 3 & 5: BECS will forward CC:DA’s analysis to JSC for their information in January (after ALA/MW 2001), even if it is only an interim report. In the meantime, Chapter 9 will be reissued with Areas 3 & 5 as is. Action: CC:DA & BECS.
    • 9.3: all labels changed.
    • 9.4B2: new rule accepted.
    • 9.5B1:
    • ACOC “Optionally …” provision added.
    • “computer tape cartridge” reinstated.
    • LC “Optionally …” provision added.
    • footnote 4 will dropped because “disc/disk” are now defined in the Glossary.
    • 9.7B1: LC suggestion to remove outmoded examples accepted.
    • 9.7B8: LC revision of paragraph 1 approved; deletion of paragraph 2 approved; 1st example following paragraph 2 will be retained and inserted after “Number of routines: 102.”
    • 9.7B22: LC revision (incorporating ALA & CCC proposals) approved.
    • Glossary
      • “Disk (Electronic resources)”: LC revision approved.
      • “Sleeve”:
        • ... ALA response/3/ALA follow-up definition accepted, as modified by CCC.
        • ... ALA response/3 reference from “Jacket” accepted, as modified by LC.
    • Another clean Chapter 9 will be issued as 4JSC/ALA/27/ALA follow-up/4/LC response/CCC rep response/2.

  1. Additional rule revisions related to e-resources [4JSC/ALA/33, etc.]
    • 1.4F8: deferred to ...Chair/68 discussion.
    • 2.7B11: two new ALA examples approved, with LC modification of 1st example.
    • 2.7B16: ALA examples approved, with LC modification of last example.

  1. Works that report the collective activity of a conference [4JSC/ALA/28, etc.]
    21.1B2 revision approved.

  2. Entry under corporate body [4JSC/ALA/29, etc.]
    Withdrawn by ALA.

  3. Initial articles [4JSC/LC/29, etc.]
    LC will have ready for National Library review (BL, LC, NLC) for inclusion in amendment package.
    --> R. Ewald needs a due date.

  4. Titles of nobility or terms of honour [4JSC/BL/1/Rev/2, etc.]
    22.1C, etc. revisions approved with minor correction at 22.12 (delete “1”).
  5. Members of royal houses [4JSC/BL/2, etc.]
    Withdrawn & incorporated into 4JSC/BL/1/Rev/2.

  6. Titles of nobility [4JSC/BL/3, etc.]
    BL will issue BL follow-up to 4JSC/BL/3/Rev/2 incorporating ACOC & CCC comments in re: 1.1F7 & correcting “Baroness Orczy” example at Rule 2.1F1 (as per ALA response).

  7. Additions to names [4JSC/BL/4, etc.]
    4JSC/BL/4/BL follow-up withdrawn.

  8. Names of persons, See references [4JSC/BL/5, etc.]
    4JSC/BL/5/BL follow-up approved.

  9. Terms of address of married women [4JSC/BL/6, etc.]
    4JSC/BL/6/BL follow-up approved.

  10. Logical Structure …
    • ISBD “alpha” prototype: the JSC Chair will provide the Committee of Principals and the Publishers with an explanation of what it is, how it came about, why we need constituent input, and how that input will affect our Program of Work.
    • AACR Web site: the JSC Chair will provide the Committee of Principals with an explanation of its intended purpose and why it needs to be made public.

  1. Recommendations concerning revision of rule 0.24
    • BECS will revise the Draft Terms of Reference for the International Working Group. JSC members will send to the JSC Chair by the end of October an initial list of names of potential Working Group members. Action: BECS.
    • 4JSC/ALA/30 and 4JSC/ALA/30/Chair follow-up will be made available to the Working Group membership via the JSC Web site, along with a list of relevant references.

  2. Abbreviations [4JSC/LC/47, etc.]
    4JSC/LC/47/LC follow-up approved, but LC will resubmit formatted as B.5A, B.5B, & B.5C
    --> JSC to approve via email.

  1. Publisher statement … [4JSC/LA/1, etc.]
    4JSC/LA/1 approved, but LA to do follow up work in re: additional rules and examples that will need revising (cf. LC response).

  2. AACR Web site
    • The JSC Web site should stay a JSC site. In addition, there also needs to be an AACR Web site. For now, the two will be disaggregated until the politics are sorted out.
    • John Attig inquired whether JSC has any interest in the JSC Web site’s including “summary pages” for JSC document series? JSC will discuss.

  1. Revising AACR2 to Accommodate Seriality [4JSC/Chair/68/Chair follow-up/2, etc.]
    • Agreed: focus on, and resolve, scope & terminology issues first.
    • “continuing resources/integrating resources” or “resources of continuing/integrating issuance”?
      --> all but LC support, at this point, the former not the latter
      --> Agreed: “continuing resource” & “integrating resource” will be retained as the terms.
    • Chapter title will be “Serials and Integrating Resources”, at least for now
      --> this will probably be revisited later in the context of multi-part items & their inclusion in the chapter.
    • Multi-part item strategies (p. 49 of 4JSC/Chair/68/Chair follow-up/2): JSC disinclined toward Strategy 3. BECS to poll CC:DA on Strategy 1/Strategy 2 and Model C/Modified Model C questions. Action: BECS.
    • 12.0A1: LC text approved, with modifications.
    • JSC endorsed the CCC recommendation to explicitly (with “a”s & “b”s) differentiate between serials & integrating resources.
    • 12.0B1: LC’s alternative text approved, with ALA modification.
    • 12.0B2: LC’s text approved, with modification.
    • 12.0B3: LC’s text approved, with modification.
    • 12.0F: LC’s text approved, with modification.
    • 12.1B1: LC’s text approved, with modifications.
    • 12.1B2: okay.
    • 12.1B3: LC text approved.
    • 12.1B4: LC text approved.
    • 12.1B7: LC text approved.
    • 12.1B8: LC text approved, with modifications.
    • 12.1D2: LC text approved.
    • 12.1D3: LC text approved, with modification.
    • 12.1E1: LC text approved.
    • 12.1E2: LC text approved, with modification.
    • 12.1E3: LC text approved, with modifications.
    • 12.1F3: LC text approved, with modifications.
    • 12.1F4: LC text approved.
    • 12.1F5: LC text approved, with modifications.
    • 12.1G1: LC text approved.
    • 12.2B1: LC alternative proposal approved, with modification.
    • 12.2B2: LC text approved.
    • 12.2B4: LC alternative proposal approved.
    • 12.2B5: LC text approved, with modifications.
    • 12.2C1: LC text approved.
    • 12.3A1: LC text approved, with modifications.
    • 12.3A2: okay.
    • 12.3B1: LC text approved.
    • 12.3B3: LC text approved.
    • 12.3C1: LC text approved, with modifications.
    • 12.3C4: LC text approved.
    • 12.3D1: LC text approved, with modification.
    • 12.3F: LC text approved.
    • 12.3G1: LC text approved, with modifications.
    • 12.3H: LC proposal approved (12.3H not added).
    • 12.4C2: LC text approved, with modifications.
    • 12.4D2: LC text approved, with modifications.
    • 12.4F1: deferred.
    • 12.4F2: deferred.
    • 12.4G1: LC text approved.
    • 12.4G2: LC text approved.
    • 12.5B1: LC will try re-crafting with objective of eliminating “v.”
    • 12.5B2: LC will try re-crafting.
    • 12.5B3: LC will try re-crafting.
    • 12.5B4: LC will try re-crafting.
    • 12.5C1: LC text approved.
    • 12.5C2: LC text approved, with modifications.
    • 12.5D1: LC text approved.
    • 12.5D2: LC text approved, with modifications; examples may need to be changed.
    • 12.5E1: LC text approved.
    • 12.6B2: Kuhagen & Hirons will re-craft.
    • 12.7A2: LC text approved, with modification.
    • 12.7B: LC text approved.
    • 12.7B1: Hirons text approved, with modifications.
    • 12.7B2: LC text approved.
    • 12.7B3: LC text approved, with modifications.
    • 12.7B4: LC text approved, with modifications.
    • 12.7B5: LC text approved, with modification.
    • 12.7B6: LC text approved, with modification.
    • 12.7B7: LC text approved, with modifications.
    • 12.7B23: LC text approved, with modifications.
    • 1.4F8: LC text approved, but to be reordered (serial, integrating resource, multi-part item) & label added
      --> NOTE: 1.4F8 issues raised in 4JSC/ALA/33 now also raised.
    • 12.7B8: LC text approved.
    • 12.7B9: LC text approved.
    • 12.7B10: LC text approved, with modifications.
    • 12.7B11: LC text approved, with modifications.
    • 12.7B12: LC text approved.
    • 12.7B13: LC text approved, with modifications.
    • 12.7B14: LC text approved.
    • 12.7B16: LC text approved, with modifications.
    • 12.7B17: LC text approved, with modification.
    • 12.7B18: LC text approved.
    • 12.7B19: LC text approved, but chapter 1 ( & others) to be revised similarly (by LC).
    • 12.7B21: LC proposal not approved.
    • 12.7B24: LC text approved, but renumbered to 12.7B19.
    • 12.8B: okay.
    • 12.8B1: only 1st part of LC text approved; 2nd paragraph moved to 12.8E2 using modified CCC language.
    • 12.8C1: okay.
    • 12.8D1: okay.
    • 12.10: LC text approved.
    • Table of Contents: LC text approved, with modification.
    • 0.24: LC text approved, with modification.
    • 0.25: just an observation.
    • 1.1B2: LC proposal approved. Will be inserted after 1st set of examples, with “However” deleted & CCC’s 2nd sentence added.
    • 12.4F1: LC text approved, with modification.
    • 12.4F2: LC text approved, with modification.
    • 1.6G1: LC text approved.
    • 1.6H5: LC text approved.
    • 1.7B4: reworded text approved.
    • 1.7B9: LC text approved.
    • 1.7B23: okay.
    • 1.8C1: LC proposal approved; LC will find relevant rules & change them.
    • 2.0A1: LC text approved.
    • 2.5B9: LC proposal approved
    • 20.1: LC text approved.
    • NOTE for 21.2Axx changes which follows: Major/Minor Change Appendix needs to be kept in synch. with Chapter 12 (& vice versa).
      • 21.2A1: CCC text approved.
      • 21.2A2a: CCC text approved.
      • 21.2A2b: CCC text approved.
      • 21.2A2c: CCC text combined with Appendix text.
      • 21.2A2d: CCC text approved.
      • 21.2A2e: CCC text approved.
      • 21.2A2f: Appendix text approved. CCC’s final sentence retained. 2nd (a) & (b) from Appendix added as (g) & (h), with i.e.s dropped.
    • 21.2C1a: CCC text approved.
    • 21.2C1b: CCC text approved.
    • 21.3B1: CCC text approved, with modification.
    • 21.30D1: LC text approved.
    • 21.30J: LC text approved, with modification.
    • 25.5B1: LC proposal approved. NOTE: JSC decision reversed.
    • 26.5B1: okay.
    • A.4E1: LC text approved.
    • Glossary:
      • Bibliographic resource: LC text approved.
      • Continuing issuance: dropped.
      • Continuing resource: LC text approved, with modifications.
      • Continuation: retain current definition.
      • Integrating issuance: dropped.
      • Integrating resource: CCC text approved, with modifications.
      • Key title: LC text approved, with modification.
      • Monograph: LC text approved.
      • Multipart item: okay.
      • Serial: LC text approved, with modification.
      • Successive issuance: dropped.
      • Updating loose-leaf: LC text approved.
    • Agreed: LC will produce a clean copy of Chapter 12.

  1. Cartographic materials [4JSC/ALA/31, etc.]
    • 1.1C1: ALA text approved, with CCC editorial comments (but “Braille” removed from 1st example).
    • 3.1B3: LC text approved.
    • 3.1F2: CCC text approved.
    • 3.3: ALA will reissue in 4JSC/ALA/31/ALA follow-up/2, which will incorporate all of 4JSC/ALA/31/ALA follow-up. To be forwarded to JSC in February 2001. Action: CC:DA.
    • 3.5B1: ALA text approved.
    • 3.5B2: ALA text approved, with CCC editorial comment.
    • 3.5C1: CCC text approved (ACOC will ask NLA whether it wishes to supply further examples).
    • 3.5C4: ALA text approved.
    • 3.5C5: ALA text approved.
    • 3.7B3: ALA text approved. with LC example revision.

  1. Non-Roman Access Points [4JSC/ALA/32, etc.]
    Deferred. Other constituencies besides LC need to (& will) respond. Generally, approval looks unlikely.

  1. Principles of AACR2
    • B. Tillett recommends we lay out principles and objectives of bibliographic control.
    • Tillett does not believe we need separate access principles.
    • Add “Principle of Disambiguation” as sub-principle of “Principle of Sufficiency and Necessity”.
    • Objectives revised as noted.

  1. Appendix of Major/Minor Changes [4JSC/ALA/34]
    • Focus on major changes only. Title it: Appendix of Major Changes.
    • Organize as follows:
      • E.1 Monographs
      • E.2 Serials
      • E.3 Integrating Resources
      • E.4 Multipart Items
    • Include consideration of series authority records as representing works.
    • Reissue as 4JSC/ALA/34/Rev, to be forwarded to JSC in February 2001. Action: CC:DA.

  2. “Rule of Three” [4JSC/ACOC/1]
    JSC: pursue option 2.

  1. ISBD/AACR2 Coordination
    • J. Byrum has been in touch in his capacity as Chair of IFLA’s Section on Cataloging ISBD Review Group with a request that JSC be more “sensitive” to harmonizing AACR with ISBD.
    • Agreed: good idea. JSC will ask constituent communities to be alert to potential “disharmonies” when they’re preparing proposals. When proposals are approved & sent to publishers, JSC will forward a copy to ISBD R/G Chair with cover memo noting areas of possible “disharmony” the R/G might wish to consider.
    • National Libraries will include “ISBD disharmony” review in their final review of revision documents before they to the publisher.

  1. Schedule for revision
    JSC Secretary will prepare comprehensive schedule, drawing from Program of Work & JSC proceedings generally.

Submitted by Brian E.C. Schottlaender
ALA Representative to the Joint Steering Committee