ALCTS - Association of Library Collections & Technical Services

CC:DA/JSC Rep/BECS/2000/5

July 24, 2000

Committee on Cataloging: Description and Access

ALA Representative to the Joint Steering Committee
ALA/ALCTS/CCS Executive Committee

8 and 9 July 2000

  1. JSC San Diego Meeting [CC:DA/JSC Rep./BECS/2000/3]

    The San Diego meeting was, as always, very productive. You will have noted that, amongst other things, JSC:

    • approved ALA’s “Work” in music uniform titles proposal (25.35, etc.), as amended (see JSC/ALA/11/ALA follow-up/2/CCC response).
    • approved the bulk of the ALA proposals to harmonize AACR2 with ISBD(ER) (see especially 4JSC/ALA/27/ALA follow-up/4 and 4JSC/ALA/27/ALA follow-up/4/LC response).
    • rejected the CCC proposal to revise 1.4C3 (see 4JSC/CCC/2).
    • rejected (as premature) the CCC proposal to revised the definition of “Main entry” in the AACR glossary (see 4JSC/CCC/3).
    • approved the CCC proposal to revise the rules for subordinate conference headings (24.7, etc.; see 4JSC/CCC/4).
    • in the process of considering the recommendations contained in The Logical Structure of the Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules, the JSC:
      • reviewed an alpha prototype of an ISBD-based reorganization of Part I of the code, concluding that:
        • a full-scale attempt to reorganize the code according to ISBD areas will be as complicated as we had thought it would;
        • “consolidating” many rules into Chapter 1 might be a useful interim step while we consider whether to proceed to a beta prototype;
        • the alpha prototype should be made available for community comment via the AACR Web site, assuming ALA Editions has no objections.
      • asked the CC:DA Task Force preparing the proposed “major/minor changes” Appendix to take the Logical Structure discussion into account.
      • agreed that ACOC will draft a proposal to augment the “Rule of 3” to allow the cataloging agency to determine what access points should be added and what form those access points should take.
    • reviewed another draft of the proposed AACR Web site.
    • referred the proposals to revise AACR2 to accommodate seriality to constituent bodies for review.
    • approved the 1st recommendation in the ALA proposals to revise Rule 0.24, including ALA proposed text, as amended (see CC:DA/JSC Rep./BECS/2000/3).
    • rejected the specific proposal in the 2nd recommendation in the ALA proposals to revise Rule 0.24, but agreed to pursue the general proposal by putting together an inter-constituency Working Group on Format Variations. (I’ve been asked to draft the charge for that group and would welcome assistance; and, I’d appreciate expressions of interest in participating.)
    • approved the 3rd recommendation in the ALA proposals to revise Rule 0.24. LA/BL has been asked to draft the new Introduction.
    • agreed that our next meetings be held in September 2000 (London), April 2001 (Washington D.C.), and, tentatively, September 2001 (Ottawa).
    • agreed that henceforth RRP reviews will be carried out by national library constituent JSC members.
    • in Executive Session, revised the JSC Statement of Policy and Procedures. This will be issued once the Secretary has completed incorporating the revisions into the base document.

  2. Status of Rule Revision Proposals

    • “Work” in music uniform titles (25.35, etc.) [3JSC/ALA/11, etc.]
      --> Approved as amended.
    • Works that report the collective activity of a conference, etc. 21.1B2(d)) [4JSC/ALA/28]
      --> Approved as amended.
    • Entry under corporate body (21.1B1) [4JSC/ALA/29]
      --> Withdrawn by ALA.
    • Rule 0.24 [4JSC/ALA/30]
      --> Recommendation 1 approved as amended; Recommendation 2 pending; Recommendation 3 approved.
    • Cartographic materials (Chapter 3, etc.) [4JSC/ALA/31]
      --> Pending.
    • Members of royal houses entered under surname, etc. (22.5F1) [4JSC/BL/2/BL follow-up]
      --> Withdrawn by BL.
    • Revision of 1.4C3 (Place of publications, distribution, etc.) [4JSC/CCC/2]
      --> Withdrawn by CCC.
    • Definition of “Main entry” in AACR glossary [4JSC/CCC/3]
      --> Withdrawn by CCC.
    • Subordinate conference headings 24.7, etc.) [4JSC/CCC/4]
      --> Approved.
    • Definition of “monographic series” (Appendix D) [4JSC/LC/46, etc.]
      --> Withdrawn by LC.

  3. Active JSC Documents CC:DA Needs to Consider

    • (ER) Harmonization [4JSC/ALA/27/ALA follow-up/4/LC response]
      • 4.1-4.3: LC proposal to eliminate Area 3 from Chapter 9 and revise Rule 0.25; or, make Area 3 optional.
      • 5.1: Proposed new Rule 9.4B2.
      • 6.1: Proposed revision of Rule 9.5B1.
      • 6.4: LC suggestion that Area 5 be extended to remote access resources.
      • 7.7: Proposed revision of Rule 9.7B8 (predicated on elimination of Area 3).
      • “Disk”/“Optical disc”: assuming definitions proposed in 4JSC/ALA/27/ALA follow-up/4/ALA response are accepted, should footnote 4 at Rule 9.5B1 remain?
    • Titles of nobility or terms of honour (22.1C) [4JSC/BL/1/Rev.]
    • Titles of nobility and British terms of honour (22.12) [4JSC/BL/3/Rev.]
    • Additions to names entered under given name, etc. (22.16) [4JSC/BL/4/BL follow-up]
    • Names of persons, See references (26.2A) [4JSC/BL/5/BL follow-up]
    • Terms of address of married women (22.15B1) [4JSC/BL/6/BL follow-up]

  4. New JSC Documents CC:DA Needs to Consider

    • Revising AACR2 to Accommodate Seriality [4JSC/Chair/68/Chair follow-up/2]
    • Publisher statement repeating data from title etc. area (1.4D4) [4JSC/LA/1]
    • Abbreviations (Appendix B.5) [4JSC/LC/47]

    Submitted by Brian E.C. Schottlaender
    ALA Representative to the Joint Steering Committee