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ALA Representative to the Joint Steering Committee
ALA/ALCTS/CCS Executive Committee

15 and 16 January 2000

  1. JSC Brisbane Meeting [CC:DA/JSC Rep./BECS/1999/4; 5 November 1999]

    The Brisbane meeting was extremely productive. You will have noted that, amongst other things, JSC:

    • approved the 1999 revision packet [4JSC/Rule Revision/1/Consolidated/2/Rev./1]
    • approved the proposal to create a new Initial Articles Appendix [4JSC/LC/29/ALA response/3]. LC will “polish up” the document, incorporating input from 4JSC/LC/29/ALA response/3/CCC response and noting that LC and NLC will, jointly, serve as the “maintenance agency” for the new Appendix. The “polished up” LC document will be issued as 4JSC/LC/29/LC follow up.
    • approved the British terms of honour proposal [4JSC/BL/5] and the Terms of address of married women proposal [4JSC/BL/6]
    • approved a draft of the AACR Web site, with revisions. The site will be hosted at NLC, and JSC has accepted J. Attig’s offer to serve as Webmaster.
    • reviewed the ISBD(ER) Harmonization Report [4JSC/ALA/27/ALA follow-up/3], endorsing many of its proposals. CC:DA needs to consider the JSC response [4JSC/ALA/27/ALA follow-up/4] later in this meeting.
    • reviewed the Seriality Report [4JSC/Chair/68], endorsing many of its proposals, including creation of a new Introductory Chapter to AACR, which LA/BL will draft. Jean Hirons, who will report to CC:DA on Monday, is preparing specific rule revision proposals for JSC review in March.
    • endorsed Recommendation 1 of the Delsey Report and agreed to ask Bruce Chr. Johnson to attempt to use AACR2e as instantiated in the Cataloger’s Desktop to create a “proof-of-concept” prototype.
    • endorsed recommendations 1 and 3 of the 0.24 Report [4JSC/ALA/30]. JSC is asking CC:DA to draft the Appendix in re: what constitute minor and major changes (calling for the creation of a new bibliographic record), proposed both in the Seriality and the 0.24 Reports. Recommendation 2 is being circulated for additional comment (including from CC:DA) before JSC action is taken.

  2. JSC San Diego Meeting (March 2000)

    JSC has agreed that our work programme is such that in 2000, at least, we shall need to meet twice. Thus, our next meeting is scheduled for March 22-24, 2000 in San Diego. Amongst other things, at that meeting we shall consider:

    • other Delsey Report recommendations
    • Seriality revision proposals drafted by Jean Hirons
    • a prototypical rearrangement of the code, in machine-readable form, based on ISBD area, as recommended in the Delsey report and the CC:DA 0.24 T/f report.

  3. Active JSC Documents CC:DA Needs to Consider

    • Recommendation 2 in 0.24 Report [4JSC/ALA/30]
    • ISBD(ER) Harmonization [4JSC/ALA/27/ALA follow-up/4]

  4. New JSC Documents CC:DA Needs to Consider

    • Revision of 1.4C3 [4JSC/CCC/2]
    • Definition of “Main Entry” in AACR glossary [4JSC/CCC/3]
    • Subordinate Conference Headings (24.7, etc.) [4JSC/CCC/4]

  5. Status of Rule Revision Proposals

    • “Work” in connection with music uniform titles [3JSC/ALA/11/ALA follow-up/2]
      --> Constituent responses due by Feb. 29, 2000.
    • Definitions for “Computer disk” and “Computer optical disc” [4JSC/ALA/25]
      --> Superseded by (ER) Harmonization proposals? [4JSC/ALA/27/ALA follow-up/3]
    • Works that report the collective activity of a conference, etc. (21.1B2(d)) [4JSC/ALA/28]
      --> Pending.
    • Entry under corporate body (21.1B1) [4JSC/ALA/29]
      --> Pending.
    • Titles of nobility as terms of honour (22.1C) [4JSC/BL/1]
      --> BL will reconsider in light of CCC and LC responses.
    • Members of royal houses entered under surname, etc. (22.5F1) [4JSC/BL/2]
      --> BL will reconsider in light of CCC and LC responses.
    • Titles of nobility and British terms of honour (22.12) [4JSC/BL/3]
      --> BL will reconsider in light of ALA, CCC, and LC responses.
    • Additions to names entered under given name, etc. (22.16) [4JSC/BL/4]
      --> BL will reconsider in light of ALA, CCC, and LC responses.
    • More than one series statement (1.6J1 and 1.6J2) [4JSC/LC/37]
      --> Withdrawn by LC.
    • Not all parts in a series (1.6K) [4JSC/LC/45]
      --> Withdrawn by LC.

Submitted by Brian E.C. Schottlaender
ALA Representative to the Joint Steering Committee