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Committee on Cataloging: Description & Access

The Committee on Cataloging: Description and Access (CC:DA) is the body within the American Library Association responsible for developing official ALA positions on additions to and revisions to RDA: Resource Description and Access.

A thorough introduction to CC:DA and its work is available in the pamphlet, Building International Descriptive Cataloging Standards: The Role of the American Library Association’s Committee on Cataloging: Description and Access.

The Committee consists of nine voting members, two interns, five ex-officio representatives, and approximately 30 non-voting liaisons from ALA units and from non-ALA organizations with an interest in issues of descriptive cataloging. The current Chair of the Committee is Peter J. Rolla.


CC:DA Resources

Committee Charge  [from the ALA Handbook of Organization]
CCS Review of Committee: Questionnaire response (2/27/2009)   [DOC] | [PDF]
How to Submit a Rule Change Proposal to CC:DA

Resource Description and Access
Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules

Other Resources 
[Library of Congress, IFLA, and international projects]

Working Documents

ALA Conference Meetings: Agendas, etc.
 2012 Annual Conference, Anaheim, CA 


ALA Representative to the Joint Steering Committee 
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