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June 28, 2000

Committee on Cataloging: Description and Access

To: 	    American Library Association
            ALCTS/CCS Committee on Cataloging:
            Description and Access

From:	    John Attig [for the group listed below]

Subject:    Revisions to Chapter 9 of AACR2

There remain significant issues for CCDA to discuss regarding the revision of Chapter 9 of AACR2. Members of the former ALA/ALCTS/CCDA Task Force on the Harmonization of ISDB(ER) and AACR (and Adam Schiff) have been discussing these issues via email since May 25. The attached document summarizes our thoughtful, active discussions over the last six weeks. The attached document, compiled by John Attig, has as a goal to represent all of the views put forward.

This group requests that CCDA consider the points raised in this discussion paper and to take them into account during the discussions of the Chapter 9 revisions in Chicago. The issues we highlight are varied and complex. In most cases, we offer more than one option for addressing the concerns identified. We consider both long-term solutions and (because action will need to be taken on Chapter 9 by JSC in September) short-term solutions. We view our discussions as incomplete and therefore we would not want to CCDA end the discussion prematurely. Therefore, we suggest that at least some of these issues should be raised beyond CCDA within the greater cataloging community.

    John Attig
    Matthew Beacom
    Laurel Jizba
    Mary Larsgaard
    Ann Sandberg-Fox
    Adam Schiff

The discussion paper is available in two formats: