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Committee on Cataloging: Description and Access


June 30, 2000

To:      American Library Association,
         ALCTS/CCS Committee on Cataloging:
         Description and Access

From:    James E. Agenbroad

Subject: Nonroman Headings and References
         Proposal: An Alternative

When CC:DA considers my proposal (CC:DA/Agenbroad/1) and if it decides that AACR2 should say something about making nonroman access points it might want to consider the following as an alternative to the text I proposed. This has the virtue of adding one new rule, 20.5, rather than adding six, 22.3C3, 23,2B2, 24.1B2, 25.2D2, 26.1B2 and 26.1C2. The background and assessment of impact portions of my proposal describe the desirabliity of such access points and are still relevant.

20.5 NONROMAN ACCESS POINTS. Optionally, when technically feasible libraries whose collections include and whose clientele seek items in nonroman scripts should assign nonroman access points to records of such items. Apply the relevant rules of chapters 21-26 and the conventions of reference tools on persons, corporate bodies and titles using nonroman scripts to determine the choice and form of such access points and of cross references to them.

Thank you.

Jim Agenbroad ( )

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