ALCTS - Association of Library Collections & Technical Services

2005 ALA Annual Conference
Chicago, IL


Chair’s report on CC:DA motions and other actions, January–June 2005
CC:DA Program of Work, April – October 2005*
Report on the JSC meeting, April 2005
Preliminary report of the MARBI Representative
* You need not bring these documents to the meeting.


June 9, 2005; rev. June 20, 2005

AGENDA (6/20/2005)

Note: Links are provided to the documents listed on the agenda. These are working documents and are to be used as part of the rule revision process. They are not to be copied or distributed without permission from the Chair of CC:DA. Documents from the Joint Steering Committee (those numbered “5JSC/...”) are only available to CC:DA members and liaisons; a password is required to view these documents.

Saturday, June 25, 2005 — 2:00–5:30 p.m.
Hyatt Regency Chicago on Wacker — Grand Ballroom A

  1. Welcome and opening remarks: Chair (2:00, 5 min.)
  2. Introduction of members, liaisons, and representatives: Group (2:05, 5 min.)

    [CC:DA/Roster/2004 July/Rev/3]

  3. Adoption of agenda: Chair (2:10, 5 min.)


  4. Approval of minutes of meeting held at 2005 Midwinter Meeting, Boston, MA, January 15 and 17, 2005: Chair (2:15, 5 min.)


  5. Report from the Chair (2:20, 10 min.)

    Chair’s report on CC:DA motions, January–June 2005:


  6. Report of the ALA Representative to the Joint Steering Committee, Part 1: Bowen (2:30, 60 min.)

    General Report on April JSC meeting: From AACR3 to RDA

    [CC:DA/JSC Rep/JB/2005/2]

    Draft of Part 1 of AACR3: General Feedback

    [5JSC/AACR3/I/Discussion guide]

    Sources of information in RDA


    [5JSC/LC/1/Rev/ACOC response]

    [5JSC/LC/1/Rev/CILIP response]

    [5JSC/AACR3/I/Editor follow-up/1]

    [5JSC/AACR3/I/Editor follow-up/1/LC response]

    [5JSC/AACR3/I/Editor follow-up/1/ALA response]

    [5JSC/AACR3/I/Editor follow-up/1/CCC response]

    [5JSC/AACR3/I/Editor follow-up/1/ACOC response]

    [5JSC/AACR3/I/Editor follow-up/1/CILIP response]

  7. Break (3:30, 30 min.)
  8. Report from the Library of Congress Representative: Tillett (4:00, 15 min.)
  9. NISO standards update: Landesman (4:15, 15 min.)
  10. Report on FRBR in 21st Century Catalogues: An Invitational Workshop: Attig, Bowen, Glazier, Patton, Thurston, Tillett, Weiss (4:30, 30 min.)

    Workshop website:

Monday, June 27, 2005 — 8:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m.
Hyatt Regency Chicago on Wacker — Grand Ballroom A
[Note the later start time]

  1. Welcome and opening remarks: Chair (8:30, 5 min.)
  2. Report from ALA Publishing Services: Donald E. Chatham, Associate Executive Director (8:35, 10 min.)
  3. RDA as an electronic product: Bowen (8:45, 20 min.)
  4. Report of the ALA Representative to the Joint Steering Committee, Part 2: Bowen (9:05, 85 min.)

    Continue General Report on April JSC meeting

    [CC:DA/JSC Rep/JB/2005/2]

    Levels of Description, Access, Authority Control in RDA

    [5JSC/ACOC Rep/1coming]

    Part 1 of RDA

    Simplification of Rules for Publication Information


    Incorporating Responses to AACR3 Pt. 1 Draft into RDA

    [5JSC/AACR3/I/Discussion guide]

    GMD/SMD Working Group


    Part 2 of RDA

    Call for Simplification of Special Rules (AACR2 Ch. 21)


  5. Break (10:30, 30 min.)
  6. Report from the Task Force Rules for Technical Description of Digital Media: De Groat (11:00, 10 min.)
  7. Report from the CC:DA Planning Task Force on the Cataloging Cultural Objects Program: Beacom (11:20, 10 min.)
  8. Report from the CC:DA Program Planning Task Force for ALA Annual 2005: Beacom (11:30, 10 min.)
  9. Report from the CC:DA Task Force to Maintain “Differences Between, Changes Within”: Randall (11:40, 10 min.)
  10. Report from the MARBI Representative: Allgood (11:50, 15 min.)

    [CC:DA/MARBI Rep/2005/2 (preliminary)]

  11. Report from the CC:DA Webmaster: Attig (12:05, 5 min.)
  12. Report from the Chair on CCS Executive Committee meetings: Chair (12:10, 15 min.)
  13. Other new business, reports from the floor, announcement of next meeting, and adjournment: Chair (12:25, 5 min.)